Must-Have Baby Gear 0-3 Months (Part 2: Everything Else)

So, when you are a new mom sleep is basically the only thing you care about anymore, but there are a few afterthoughts- like your baby's development and your own sanity- that are also important.


There are so many bouncers out there- vibrating ones, ones with toys and colors and flashing lights, but the one I found the most useful was just a simple piece of material on a springy piece of metal. I could bounce it with my foot when Hazel was really little, and she could bounce it herself by kicking her legs when she got older.

I found a bouncer to be immensely helpful because it gave me a safe place to put her and she was happy because she could see everything around her. The one we had was the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance and it was perfect. However, we got ours as a hand-me-down and I never would've bought it for £115 (even though it was awesome). If you are into it and you have that kind of cash, it is a super useful item. If not, there are a few others that are just as simple but are much less expensive like this one and this one.


I never realized how much babies love rattles, but they do. They absolutely love them. One thing I was really surprised by was how much Hazel loved that she could make a noise happen by shaking her hands or feet. At 0-3 months, she was too young to grab on to anything, but socks with rattles attached or wrist rattles could keep her entertained for minutes (as in 15 or 12, which in new-mom time is like a lifetime).


You need a baby carrier. When they are so little, they don't want to be put down for long and it can be difficult to get things done when one hand is always taken up by the baby.The other thing about a carrier is that you use it for such a long time- we are still using ours and Hazel is nearly a year old.

We have the Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier in black and it has been amazing. I went though a phase where I thought I could be one of these wrapping moms (I can not) and I bought the Baby K'tan Carrier, but I generally use the Bjorn because its just easier and it feels much more secure. If feel like you want to be a wrapping mom, but you know you're way too disorganized and clumsy- my first piece of advice is to abandon that plan and buy a normal carrier. But if you read some kind of article about baby hip alignment that scared you and you want to press forward anyway, the K'tan is a good middle-of-the-road carrier because it's easier than those crazy-long strings of material that you see women wrapping around themselves for 15 minutes before they can get going.